Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Tired

Tired of being tired.  This is the first time I've been pregnant and nursing another baby.  Felicity still likes to get up at least twice a night to eat.  Usually, I end up falling asleep in my bed while she is eating, but the nightly interruptions really seem to take a toll.  She is eating more solid foods now and can feed herself finger foods, so I'm hoping these nighttime wakings will soon go by the wayside.  I don't usually get to take a nap in the afternoon either.  The nap attacks hit before or after lunch, but when I finally have all the other kids settled for an afternoon quiet-time I'm not ready for a nap anymore.  I do try to rest or be quiet during quiet time, too.  It gives me a mental boost, so I can be ready to tackle dinner and be ready to hear the older kids again.

Jeff Answered the Phone

Just a few minutes ago Jeff answered the phone.  Apparently the person on the other end asked to speak to any one of the adults in the house.  Jeff said, "There are no adults that live here."  The lady on the other end sputtered and stammered and apologized before hanging up.  It was quite entertaining and had us both laughing...and laughing...and still laughing.  Now, I'm waiting.  Waiting to see if the police show up at the door of "the house where no adults live".

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It was a dark night

Late yesterday afternoon the electricity went out.  I read stories to the kids until it got too dark to read easily from the window light.  Then I lit several candles around the house for a little bit of light.  Supper was cooking in the crock-pot and wasn't done yet.  Our neighbor had heard that we should have electric back around 8 o'clock.  We gave the kids glow sticks to play with so we didn't have use flashlights, except on occasion.  Jeff had to go to the next town to get some fast food dinner, as there wasn't anything I could do for dinner without opening the fridge and we couldn't warm anything up, anyway.  After supper Jeff played his guitar and we sang Christmas carols and other songs before the kids went to bed.  The electricity finally came back on just before midnight, about 7 hours after it went out.  Meanwhile, I didn't feel comfortable keeping our crock-pot dinner, as I knew it hadn't been done cooking and had sat, too long, before I would have been able to finish cooking it and getting it cooled down properly.  I didn't want to chance anybody getting sick.  I'm sad, that was three yummy meals that we don't get to eat this week, now I'll have to come up with something else :( 

Monday, December 13, 2010

I received a special gift!

I just wanted to let you know that I signed up for a homeschool swap .  We were to swap a gift with our swap sister, a fellow homeschooling mom.  My swap sister Penny from England sent me the following gift.

We have been praying for each other and corresponding over the last several weeks.  She sent me an encouraging letter, tea and English biscuits (cookies) to share with my family, marmalade, roast potato seasoning, wonderful smelling soaps, a candle, lotion, calendar, tote bag, a key chain and Christmas card with a cd.  I had fun opening her gift as it smelled wonderful.  Thanks, Penny!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Working Weekend - Projects

This weekend I finished up some more Christmas shopping and was able to work on some sewing projects.  I finished the dress that I started for Katy, back in October.  I started making two new Christmas Stockings, one will be for Katy and the other for Felicity.  Maybe I can finish them tomorrow.  Then I have a dress project for Kaomi that I would like to complete before Christmas and a cape project for Kent.  I think Kent would love to have something I made for him.  He is always excited about the girls dresses.  Since Kent really likes Kings, knights and castles I would like to make a cape that he can use to be whatever he wants to be.