Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas -2015

I wrote this letter last week hoping that I would get Christmas cards mailed.  I didn't so I thought I'd post it here.

December 18, 2015

Merry Christmas,

God has blessed our family much over the last year.  Last Christmas we were excited about adding to our family in the Summer of 2015.  In February, we found out that we were going to have two new family member and not just the one.  We walked on clouds for the next couple of weeks.  We bumped our late spring trip to visit family on the east coast up to March, while it would still be safe for Suanna to travel.  In May, we took a family field trip to the Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine, Texas.  We knew that this would probably be our last time to galavant around as a family for a while.  At the end of June, Suanna’s parents arrived before the babies did and we enjoyed having them join us and see how our family works.  On July 7th, Colt and Kade were born and I sit here now with Kade watching me and laughing while Colt naps in the other room.  It’s been an adjustment to having two babies.  We still sometimes just stop and look at them and are amazed at God’s blessing on our family and comment, “There’s two of them,” or “There’s another one!”  These were two of the comments Quinn (2) has given us.  Since July the months have seemed to fly by.  We spent Thanksgiving at Jeff’s parents home.  We still have some “sleepless” nights, but God is good and when we aren’t sure how much more we can go on very little sleep, He gives the babies a few extra hours of sleep allowing some much needed rest for us as well.  We are continuing to homeschool and have worked to keep a lighter schedule this year.  Kent is in 6th grade, Katy is in 5th grade, Kaomi is in 3rd grade and Clark and Felicity are eagerly anticipating starting their kindergarten program next month.  We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us this next year.

                        Jeff and Suanna &
            Kent, Katy, Kaomi, Felicity, Clark, Quinn, Colt, and Kade

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Totally Worth It

Long nights are totally worth it to see smiles like this.

Kade, 11 weeks

Kade, 11 weeks

Colt, 11 weeks

Colt, 11 weeks

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Day with Me

     It’s 3 am.  Kade wakes up and wants to eat.  By the time he is finished eating, had a bottle supplement and burped it is almost 4 o’clock.  He’s bright eyed, so I put him in the bouncy chair and get Colt.  I nurse, supplement with a bottle and get Colt back to sleep while watching Kade kick and smile.  Kade is still wide awake.  It’s 4:35 and I figure I might as well nurse him again.  At 5:15 he’s back asleep and I decide to go back to bed.  It’d be nice to sleep until 7, I think.  At some point my husband wakes me up.  He wants me to move over; the next thing I know Colt is fussing and wants to eat.  It’s 6:15.  I guess I should have just stayed up.  Jeff gives him to me and I nurse him in bed while dozing.  Jeff goes for a run.  It is so hard to wake up.  Jeff’s getting ready for work and encouraging the kids at their chores.  He changed Quinn’s diaper and got him dressed for the day.  Jeff heads out and I finally make it out of bed.  I don’t look at the clock, but guess it’s close to 8:00.  I enter into the usual chaos in the rest of the house.  I fix breakfast for Clark and Lissie.  I’m still not really awake, so I sit down to try and finish waking up and check my e-mail.  Both babies are still sleeping, so I take advantage of that to fry an egg and eat breakfast, while fielding school related questions.  Kent (11) starts “freaking” out about a plastic spider ring.  This type of behavior is on the normal side for him, so I ignore it and continue eating.
      It’s almost 9:00.  The older kids have science class today.  I need to hurry.  I get Kade up.  He has lots of cute smiles for me, but he’s drenched.  I change his diaper and clothes and get out a clean rag and Felicity got me a clean blanket.  I sit down to nurse him.  At some point Kent asks for help.  I guess he put the spider ring on his finger and can’t get it off.  It doesn’t look like its cutting the circulation off and I have no free hands to help.  He’ll have to wait.  I finish feeding Kade and it is time to leave, but before we can leave I need to change Quinn’s diaper and Colt’s diaper and clothes.  As I buckle Colt into his seat he looks at me with a puzzled expression, he thought he was going to be fed.  I send everyone to get in the van and Kent isn’t ready to go, even though I had said to be ready to go twenty minutes ago.  On the way I remember the spider ring and told him he’d have to wear it until he got home and I would help get it off then, but he had already removed it.  We pulled into the parking lot where the science co-op meets two minutes before class time.  Kent, Katy, and Kaomi hurry to their class and I drive back home. 
     I help unbuckle Clark and Quinn at home and we unload from the van.  By 10:35 Colt is finally getting to eat.  Clark and Quinn play with little legos while I am feeding Colt and Felicity wants to know what the activities are for the day.  She has to wait since I haven’t pulled today’s activities out yet.  She plays and talks to Kade while waiting.  Colt fell asleep so I put him in his rocker and grab the daily activities, before I feed Kade.  Today’s activities are the cooking set, markers, Doodle Dice, books about boys or girls, and floor puzzles, which I didn’t get out.  I’m disappointed because I don’t think we’ll enjoy preschool today.  On Thursday’s I need to be up no later than 7 in the morning for me to be able to help the morning run smoothly.  I’m hoping for a late morning cup of coffee when Kade finishes nursing.
     Yeah!  There was enough coffee leftover in the pot for a cup.  I drank it while putting sweet potatoes in the oven to bake and making lunch for Felicity, Clark, and Quinn.  Today they had peanut butter sandwiches, peach yogurt and a cookie.  I found some leftover tamales in the freezer and warmed them up for my lunch.  While they were warming I handed out reward stickers to the preschoolers for the activities they did this morning.  After I ate my tamales I sharpened colored pencils while chatting with my children.  Jeff dropped Kent, Katy, and Kaomi home from science and they started making their own lunches and I handed out their reward stickers.  Then I had twenty minutes of free time in which I printed a coloring sheet for school, held a sleeping baby and changed a diaper.
     At 1:05 pm we started school with story time and I fed Colt.  I read for about 45 minutes.  The books we are currently reading are Mystery of the Silver Coins and The Illustrated Book of Knights.  Then Kent, Katy, and Kaomi worked on their school and met with me as needed for instruction while I fed Kade.  Quinn went to his bed for nap time and Lissie and Clark sat on opposite ends of the couch with books and their blankets for quiet time.  By 3:00 I was completing most of the instruction that I needed to give.  I have had a little time to get on my computer this afternoon when it wasn’t being used for math class.  The older children continued working on their work to wrap up everything possible by 4:00.  I didn’t give instructions to everyone about their reading project, so we will add that to their list of assignments for tomorrow.  Anything else that hasn’t been finished by 4 o’clock will also be added to tomorrow’s assignments.  The goal is to have everything completed by this afternoon or no later than noon on Friday, so we can watch our Friday movie.
     From 3:00 to 4:00 I attend to some of my children’s needs and help Katy with a few ideas on how to make her writing assignment better.   I made sure everyone had a snack of unhealthy candy.  I didn’t have the energy to find something else and what was on my snack menu I didn’t have in my pantry.  I’m also feeling the end of the afternoon drain.  I’m so sleepy, but naps aren’t an activity I get to participate in, because even if I were to fall asleep someone will come and wake me up with a question or argument.  Feeding babies, again, fits into the late afternoon.  Most of the kids are making sure their chores for the day are completed and having free time.  I’m thankful it’s cereal night.  I don’t have to prepare anything for the kids dinner.  I’m not sure what Jeff and I are going to have, so I sent him a text to see if he wanted to bring something home for our dinner.  Auto correct kicked in on a text and it said something about him bringing “snot” home for dinner.  I was trying to control my laughter and not draw the attention of all my kids.  I snuggle with Kade for several minutes and help Kent check on his fantasy football team.
     Quinn asks me to change his diaper.  Then, I head into the kitchen to fix Kade a bottle.  He keeps fussing, so maybe he needs a little extra.  He eats and continues to fuss, so I put him in another room.  While in there I take care of the sweet potatoes and get out the cereal for tonight and pour portions out for everyone to eat when the children are ready.  They heard breakfast was ready and all ate promptly tonight.  I clean up a few things in the kitchen and it is time for Colt to eat again.  Around 6:00 Katy wants to hold Kade and see if she can help him stop fussing.  Colt is ready for a bottle, too.
     Jeff arrives home with Schlotzky’s for us while Colt is finishing his bottle.  Kade is still fussing and it’s almost time for him to eat.  I feed him with hopes that he will be happy and we can eat without babies needing me.  We ate, Kent went running, and the other siblings provided distractions for the twins.  Then I washed baby bottles, mixed formula and worked on something for school.  Jeff took five of the kids for a walk and Kent was given permission to turn on the Thursday night football game.  The Denver Broncos are playing.  I asked Kent to help fold laundry while he watched the game, since the pile to be folded has exceeded the number of pieces that usually get folded in a day.  I joined Kent in folding the laundry to see how much we could get squared away in a short time before the twins would need to eat.  Jeff and the kids got back from their walk and they made a crowd in the living room to watch the game.  We sent them off to bed at half-time and then Jeff and I had a snack and watched a tv show and picked up most of the last quarter of the Broncos game to see the defense pull off a win.  Now its to bed.  Hopefully the twins will sleep a little later than 3 am tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

8 Weeks - Colt and Kade

Here are their 8 week old pictures.

Colt - 8 weeks

Kade - 8 weeks

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Birth Story of Colt and Kade

    I'd been having sporadic contractions that wouldn't get going regularly off and on for a few days.  I had an appointment with my doctor first thing on Tuesday morning.  When he saw me he said he was surprised I hadn't gone into labor yet.  I told him I was ready to have the babies, as pregnancy was very uncomfortable at this point.  We went ahead and had an exam done which showed I was already 5 cm. dilated and realized we were closer to having them then I thought.  Jeff and I discussed our options and we decided to go to the hospital after lunch where the plan was to have the doctor break my water to help get labor going.  We went home had breakfast, puttered around getting things ready to go to the hospital, got supper going in the crockpot, and had lunch.  While I was fixing lunch I felt a contraction or two and thought I hope this keeps up and won't have to have my water broken.  By the time we headed to the hospital I'd had a few contractions, but they still didn't seem to be getting regulated.  After we checked in and they hooked me and the babies up to the monitors we found out the contractions were regularly coming 8-10 minutes apart and I just wasn't feeling all of them.  After struggling to get 20 minutes of the twins heart rates, which seemed to take more like 45 minutes because twin B kept kicking the monitor off, I was allowed to get up and go for a walk.
    After the walk, we returned and they hooked us up to the monitors again.  The contractions were in the 6-10 minute range and I was just starting to feel them a little more.  The doctor came in around 6:10 and we decided to head out for another walk to keep things going.  We headed out onto the skybridge, which connects the building where we were with the main hospital.  Shortly after starting out to walk I had a stronger contraction and stopped for it to finish before I kept walking.  Jeff had gone to meet his sister and get something from her that she was bringing him.  My mom and Jeff's mom were walking with me.  I walked a little farther and then began having a contraction that just didn't seem to want to stop.  During this contraction or maybe I should say series of back to back contractions, Jeff and his sister came to where we were.  Jeff looked at my face and asked me if we needed a wheelchair.  I said, "Yes," but as he started to walk away I said "That's a pushing contraction."  Jeff took off running for the Labor and Delivery ward and called for our doctor and a wheelchair.  Our doctor heard him and took off running for where I was.  I remember looking up and seeing our doctor sprinting as fast as he could up the skybridge with Jeff not too far behind.  Following them was the rest of the labor and delivery ward nurses coming in what looked like slow motion.  The doctor called for a gurney after he got to me.  It was time to push though.  One of the first nurses to get to us helped lower me down toward the floor.  We thought the baby was going to arrive there, but the gurney arrived and between pushes the doctor, Jeff, and two other people lifted me onto the gurney and Colt was born a few seconds later.  They put him up on my belly and he was just precious to look at. 
    They raced me back to my labor room.  Jeff was handed the scissors to cut the cord, which he did for the first time of any of our babies.  Then my doctor broke my second bag of water and felt for the position of the baby.  The cord had prolapsed and he shoved it back inside while he got ready to help twin B come into the world.  I heard him say, "I feel hands and feet," at which point he asked if we were sure we were only having two babies.  I told him that we had only ever seen two babies on the sonograms and it would be quite a surprise.  If there were still two I told him I hoped one was a girl.  I thought maybe he was joking around.  He pulled Kade out feet first with the next contraction, five minutes after Colt was born.  Then he told the nurse he needed to check to make sure there wasn't another baby.  There wasn't ;)  WHEW!
    We were excited to have our boys born healthy.  Usually, twins are delivered in the OR because of the potential for an emergency c-section, but I guess Colt had other plans.  Jeff's sister hadn't expected to get to be there for their births, but her timing was perfect and she was very excited to be able to be there, as were both Jeff's mom and my mom.  We were the talk of the hospital and the first to have a baby born on the skybridge.   Colt was 9# 2 oz. and 19 3/4 inches long and Kade was 8# 6 oz. and 21 inches long.

Welcome, Colt and Kade!

Colt (orange) and Kade (yellow) with Daddy

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our Twins Have Arrived!

The twins were born tuesday at 39 weeks 2 days. 
Colt was 9 pounds 2 ounces and 19 3/4 inches.  Kade was 8 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches.  They arrived healthy and safely and with a bang and a lot of drama.  Sometime soon I hope to get the birth story written up for those of you who like to read about births.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Pregnancy Picture Update

Last week:

July 1st - 38 Weeks
 This week:
39 Weeks

39 Weeks
Hoping for the arrival of the twins to be soon!

Friday, July 3, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean - Weeks 21-26

I'm still here plugging slowly away at the challenges that Michelle has given us.

Week 21:  The Hall Closet/Bathrooms --  I finished washing our winter coats and put them away.  The kids helped attempt cleaning the bathrooms.  We tried to make sure the counters were extra clean, the toilets were scrubbed, and the floors were swept.

Week 22:  The Laundry Room/Mudroom --  I worked on making the shelves in the laundry room more efficient for now.  We also got 4 laundry baskets of different colors to help the kids sort their laundry and keep the mess of dirty laundry piles out of the main hallway through the house.  We are really liking this system.  We bought a pink basket for fancy or special wash clothes, a white basket for white clothes and linens, a green basket for colored clothes, and a blue basket for jeans or heavy duty dark clothes.  The people who are assigned to bring the dirty laundry to the laundry room sort it into the correct baskets and I can see at a glance what laundry is needing to be washed and dump it into the washer and move on.  Kent also helped by sweeping the laundry room floor.

Week 23:  The Linen Closet -- Since I rearranged the linen closet when we did the master bathroom I took the week off from the cleaning challenge.

Week 24:  The Porch and Deck -- Kent needed something extra to do, so I had him sweep the front porch, which had collected a lot of grass from some birds that were building a nest.  It looked much nicer after he finished.

Week 25:  The Yard -- The week this was assigned we didn't do anything in the yard, but I had a few things I've been wanting to do.  When my Dad and Mom came my dad mowed and mom and the kids weeded the front flower bed, and Jeff, Mom, and the kids weeded my gardens.  I went to Lowe's with Jeff, Dad, and the boys and picked out some marigolds, a tomato plant, and a basil plant.  Then Mom and the kids planted them they way I'd been wanting them to be planted.

Week 26:  The Storage Room/Attic -- I didn't do anything with these areas as we don't have a designated storage room and the Attic stores the Christmas tree and a wading pool.  The week before I did work on finishing the guestroom for my parents arrival.

Since I apparently didn't take many before and after pictures I'll leave you with this cute Quinn face.

Week 27's challenge is Clothes Storage:  I definitely have some work to do in this area, but I'm hoping the twins will be born very soon.  My mom and I did put clothes into the dresser for the twins yesterday.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Beginning of 2015-2016 School Year

We started back to school today.  We kicked off our new year with a trip to the library for program with Miniature Therapy Horses.  These horses are taken into nursing homes and rehabilitation centers where the residents get to connect with an animal which can have a soothing effect on many people. They can also jog good memories and help people open up and have a better day.

*Pictures taken on my phone.  I need to remember to take the camera with me for activities like this.

Friday, May 29, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 20 - Bedrooms 3+

This week has been the week to work on the other bedrooms in the house.  I helped Kaomi and Katy go through their drawers and take out the winter clothes so they have room for their summer clothes.  Now when I walk into their room if I see their drawers left open I know they didn't close it, rather than not being able to close it because they had more clothes than fit.

I decided to work in the nursery.  Clark helped me pick up the toys and I sorted them into go upstairs, put away downstairs, giveaway and of course left what was staying in the room for now.  I have a whole reuasable grocery bag full of items that either belong upstairs to other people or are being re-homed with like objects upstairs.  Then I vacuumed and Kaomi helped to move the furniture around.  I moved Quinn's bed to the other side of the room and grouped the nursery items more together.  This is still Quinn's room.  I had planned on him moving upstairs to adjust to Kent and Clark's room this month, but even though he sleeps fine in his toddler bed he still gets up at least once a night.  I don't want him to fall down the stairs when he is trying to come to visit Jeff and I in the middle of the night.  He hasn't slept through the night very often since he was born.  Maybe he'll learn eventually.

My nephew also came over and helped pull weeds from my gardens.  I'm beginning to think I won't get anything planted, but I don't want them to be full of weeds either.  Kent helped pull the weeds, too.

Week 21 - Hall Closet is the next challenge.  Since I already did our hall closet I'm supposed to clean the bathrooms.

Bonus Picture:  My husband and his helpers who set up the porta-crib a few weeks ago in our bedroom.

A Peek into Our Twin Pregnancy

So far everything has been going well and we hope it continues to go that way.  It's getting harder to move around comfortably, but sitting and laying aren't the most comfortable either.  I move around and change positions a lot.  We are hoping that the babies wait until the end of June to arrive after my Mom and Dad get here.  My mom wants to be here for their birth.

Earlier this week I had a sonogram and the babies are continuing to grow in keeping with their large size.  They are both head down.

They measured in at somewhere around 5# 15 oz and 6# 6oz.  Of course we won't know for sure how much they will weigh until they are actually born.

Here's a peek at one of them from this week.

One twin's ear and hand and face and hand

Here are some belly pictures from Mother's Day and the Sunday before Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Weekend      -33 Weeks w/twins
Mother's Day 2015    -31 Weeks w/twins

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Walk

Yesterday Katy needed to get her glasses fixed so we stopped at Walmart.  While I was checking out everyone else was seeing how many of them could fit on a bench.

Then on our way home we stopped and took a walk to see a road that has flooded over.  While we were walking it started to rain.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 19 - Bedrooms 1 & 2

Last week in cleaning I was able to get the guest room mostly ready for company.  Katy helped me a little bit and Jeff and Clark dusted, vacuumed, and stripped the dusty sheets from the bed.  There are still a few things for me to put away or find homes for, but it could have company at a moments notice now.  We just have to keep it that way.  The girls had been wanting to get Legos out to play with and the condition we have for playing Legos is that your room must be all cleaned up.  They worked really hard are were able to play with Legos several times over the last week.  They also rearranged the toddler bed and some of the other things in their room when they were cleaning.  All the kids upstairs changed their sheets, too.  I went in to help Felicity with some clean laundry in her room and cleaned out all her winter stuff, so she can more easily put her clean clothes in their drawer.

The challenge for week 20 is Bedrooms 3+.  I really need to finish my bedroom and the girls need me to finish going through their clothes and make sure they have what they need for the rest of the summer.  I also need to work in Quinn's room and continue getting it ready for the twins.

Monday, May 18, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 18 - Half Time = Field Trip

Two weeks agao was half time for cleaning.  I didn't get much done on catching up on anything, but I did get a few odds and ends puts away here and there.  My main cleaning days have been Fridays, so this came at a perfect time to plan an end of year field trip and not feel bad about missing a challenge.

Jeff was able to work extra hours during the week and not have to take any vacation time to have Friday off to go with us to Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine.  We ordered our tickets online ahead of time for 1:30 pm, so we didn't have to wait in line when we got there.  There were quite a few kids from another school there when we arrived, but they left shortly after and we had plenty of room to spread out.

Everyone enjoyed it.  I think Clark had the hardest time with just not being tall enough or old enough to do a couple of activities that looked really fun to him.  Quinn was happy as a clam to see all the Legos.  The three biggest kids were able to do everything.  Felicity was a little scared, but she still had fun, especially when figuring out how to drive.  Clark and Quinn really enjoyed the build your own car and racing area.  At the end we took a break at the cafe and each of the kids had a cookie and rootbeer, because having a special fun activity isn't complete without a special snack.

Last weeks challenge was Week 19 - Bedrooms 1 & 2.

Friday, May 1, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 17 - Master Bathroom

This week's challenge was the master bathroom.  I don't have a before picture this week.  Jeff knew that this was in the plans for the week and he was going to clean the bathtub on Tuesday evening.  On Tuesday, after dinner I went for a walk and when I came home it was quiet in the house.  It was almost bedtime, so I thought maybe everyone was getting ready for bed, but they were all in the bathroom cleaning it.  I have a wonderful family!

Jeff and Kids cleaning the bathroom.

Clean bathroom

On Friday, I wiped down the baseboards and straightened the linen closet.  I tossed a few things we haven't used in the giveaway box.  I reorganized our "medicine cabinet" into a hopefully more usable system for us to find what we need and trashed anything that was expired.  I'm going to need the basket that I previously used for medicines as a laundry basket for one of the twins.  I like the stackable baskets we bought several years ago and am glad that we bought several more than we needed at the time for our laundry, because that style is no longer available.  Now when we need one we replace one of the stackable ones with a new basket and use the stackable one for laundry.

linen closet before
Linen closet after
revised "medicine cabinet"
I didn't get to the cabinets under the sink.  I think for the most part they just need a little straightening.

Next week we are taking a half-time for our week 18 cleaning.  Jump over to Michele's blog to see what that means.

April 2015 Birthdays

Last month we celebrated Jeff and Kent's birthdays.  Kent's 11th birthday was the same weekend that he went camping.  He enjoyed the weekend and came home to have out family celebration.  He wanted to shoot BB guns, so Jeff and Kent set up some targets in the backyard and they had some fun.  The girls even got a chance to shoot the BB guns and Jeff went over gun safety rules with everyone.  Clark and Quinn stayed inside with me and watched out the window.  We had Golden Chick for dinner and Kent had a lemon cake with lemon frosting.

Kent's 11th birthday place

Happy 11th birthday, Kent

Present Time
Jeff's birthday was at the end of the month.  He came home early from work to go running.  It was a beautiful day and when he finished running he and all the kids played outside for a little while, before supper.  We had pasta with meatballs.  I didn't make him a cake, so we had ice cream and cookies for dessert.  We ended the evening with more playing outside and then a game of dice after Clark and Quinn went to bed.

Jeff's 2015 place setting

Happy Birthday, Jeff!  -2015


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 16 - The Master Closet

Last week I was too tired to do much.  I'm still trying to finish my bedroom.  I had one day to work in the closet, so we worked hard to see how much could get done.  My sister-in-law came over  to help for a little while.  Sometimes having a helper provides the energy needed to work on the job better.

I put a movie on for the kids, so we would hopefully be able to work without much interruption for a while.  We worked together and got a lot accomplished.  We tossed some stuff that didn't need to be kept, almost filled another large giveaway box, condensed a few items into a smaller space, put several things away and put all the photographs into the same container/area in the closet, and straightened up some areas.

There is still work to be done in the closet, but it is nice to have gotten as much done as we did in just a couple hours. 

On the left is the before area of my space we worked on.  Most of what was on the floor has been put in it's place and I now have room to actually walk up to my shelf and closet rod.  I also took several items off the hanging rod that I don't think I will ever wear again for the giveaway.  On the right is where we have some storage.  We went through and removed two large boxes and straightened up this area somewhat.  The things I knew what they were we left for me to work on some other time.

This space is my husbands.  I didn't clean anything in this area, but I did add a few things that were his that I didn't know what to do with.

We didn't work on cleaning the shelves, but most of what is up there is labeled.  It is a mixture of storage and items belonging to my husband or I.

This week's cleaning project is the master bathroom.

Friday, April 24, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 15 - The Master Bedroom

Doesn't it look awful?  This was my master bedroom on Monday, April 13th.  My goal is to work on it a little bit everyday this week.

Monday:  I began in the corner by the window, by putting all the misplaced items away.  I moved the infant car seat to the nursery and cleaned off my shelf and washed the baby swing cover and car seat liners.  We have plans to put a portable crib in this corner for the twins for shortly after they are born.

Tuesday:  Jeff and I loaded all the giveaway stuff that has accumulated in our bedroom into his truck for him to drop off tomorrow.  I also worked on organizing the toys from Kent's room.  The kids and I went to Target and bought some plastic lidded containers that can hold the toys and have a label so we know what belongs where.

stuff to giveaway

Thursday:  I continued working my way along the windows, dusting, de-cluttering, trashing, and putting things in a new giveaway box.  I set aside a few boxes to give to a friend who is moving.  I also put the seat cover back on the baby swing.   Jeff was looking for camping stuff in the closet and he pulled out a box of stuff that he doesn't want anymore.  He said some is trash and some is worthy of the giveaway box.  I told him I would look through it tomorrow when I am working in the bedroom.  I let him know not to look too hard, since cleaning the closet is for another week :)

Friday: Friday, I worked a little bit more on sorting through a few things and putting them where they belong.  I found a long lost item of my husbands, which he had been looking for on Thursday night.  We realized it had probably been there for almost three years and we never would have looked there for it.

Saturday:  I had hoped to tackle the rest of the room and get it finished, but I only moved a few things.  The girls and their cousin who was visiting washed some kitchen set toys that I had when I was a girl and I was able to put them into a container that they will be able to play with them sometimes.  Jeff, Kent, and Clark had gone camping over the weekend and I think I lost my motivation.  I also worked more in the playroom, putting the toys in the locked closet, so little people can't get into them and dump them all out at the same time.

Tuesday 4/21:  I worked on it a little more, but my energy levels this week have been on the low side.

Wednesday 4/22:  I had Jeff put the suitcases from our trip in March, back on the shelf in the closet.

I haven't finished yet, and to be honest if I took another picture from the same angle you wouldn't think much progress had been made.  We filled another large box full of stuff to giveaway and several items went in the trash.  I still have a lot of work to do and will continue plugging away at it.  The progress along the windows has been amazing, that has been the catch all for many items over the last few years.  Right now I'm getting about 20-30 minutes at a time before I have to take a rest break or see what our children need.

Enjoying watching Felicity, Clark, and Quinn play with the tool box activity set on one of my breaks.

 This week we are supposed to be working on the Master Closet.