Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mommy Survey

My kids gave me a survey to fill out this week.  I thought I'd share their questions and my answers with all of you.

Dear Mommy,
We want to know more about you.  So, If you will, please answer these questions and then return the paper.  We love you, The Kids

1. What do you like best about each of us?
It’s hard for me to choose something I like best about each of you, because I like all of you just the way God made you, so I will choose something I like about each of you, but please understand that it’s not the only thing I like about you.

Kent:  I like the way you play the piano.  I enjoy listening to you practice.

Katy: I like how you like to learn how to do your doll’s hair in different styles.

Kaomi:  I like how you want to help with the babies and the love you show for them.

Felicity:  I like how you love to play with your dolls and animals.

Clark: I like how you are enthusiastic about life and your carefreeness.  You just like to have fun.

Quinn: I like how you almost always pick me a dandelion when you go out to play.

Colt: I like how you squint your eyes closed when we are praying, while looking at us to see if you are doing it correctly.

Kade: I like how you like to dig in the dirt with a stick.

2. What is your favorite flavor of cake? and how do you like it?
I like homemade chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing.  I also like yellow cake with homemade chocolate icing.  I 
               like strawberry short-cake, too.

3. What is your favorite song?
I have lots of songs that I like and I’m not sure if I have a favorite one.  I like lots of hymns.  I like the songs from “The Sound                of Music.”

4. What is your favorite meal for lunch or supper?

I like yummy leftovers for lunch.  I like grilled chicken and steak with salad and/or 
vegetables.  I also like Mexican food like: tacos, quesadillas, and tamales.

5. What is your favorite fruit?

I like strawberries.  I like raspberries, too, though sometimes I’m not a fan of their seeds.

6. If you could make us do anything what would you like us to do?

I would love for each of you to love Jesus and trust him with the plans he has for your life.

Also, I would like you to obey Daddy and Mommy immediately every-time, and I would like you to try to keep your rooms and the         game room a little straighter, by putting away your things as soon as you are done using them.

7. If you could go out with somebody all day who would you go with and where would you go.

I’d love to go out with Daddy all day.  I’d like to go to Ikea, play miniature golf, and enjoy an unhurried yummy meal (not sure                 what).  or I’d like to go hiking at a waterfall.

8. Please will you give us 5 interesting facts about yourself?

1.  I think it would be fun to stay in a houseboat and sail down the Mississippi 
    River.  Though it is probably different now than it was in the late 1800’s.

2.  I pray that God would help Daddy and I to be a good examples of Godly parents for each of you to be able to draw                                experience from when you have your own children.

3.  I like to enjoy God’s creation outside:  beautiful days, green grass, blue skies, 
    sunsets and sunrises, birds, flowers, animals, wind, rain, snow, etc.

4.  I like to grow things to eat in my garden.  I like to water my garden and pull 
    weeds.  I enjoy being able to serve fresh vegetables and fruit that we grew.

5.  I like to sew.  Mimi taught me how.  One day I hope to teach my own children how to sew, too.

Bonus:  I like to prepare and cook meals, more than I like to bake.  That’s probably why we don’t have freshly baked                                          cookies, cakes, pies, and breads very often.