Monday, May 18, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 18 - Half Time = Field Trip

Two weeks agao was half time for cleaning.  I didn't get much done on catching up on anything, but I did get a few odds and ends puts away here and there.  My main cleaning days have been Fridays, so this came at a perfect time to plan an end of year field trip and not feel bad about missing a challenge.

Jeff was able to work extra hours during the week and not have to take any vacation time to have Friday off to go with us to Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine.  We ordered our tickets online ahead of time for 1:30 pm, so we didn't have to wait in line when we got there.  There were quite a few kids from another school there when we arrived, but they left shortly after and we had plenty of room to spread out.

Everyone enjoyed it.  I think Clark had the hardest time with just not being tall enough or old enough to do a couple of activities that looked really fun to him.  Quinn was happy as a clam to see all the Legos.  The three biggest kids were able to do everything.  Felicity was a little scared, but she still had fun, especially when figuring out how to drive.  Clark and Quinn really enjoyed the build your own car and racing area.  At the end we took a break at the cafe and each of the kids had a cookie and rootbeer, because having a special fun activity isn't complete without a special snack.

Last weeks challenge was Week 19 - Bedrooms 1 & 2.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the break- now back to work! ;)
    What fun that you all go tthe spend the day just having fun as a family! Legoland Discovery Center? Sounds like my boys' perfect day! Thanks for linking up!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! We spent Sat. at Dozer Day. Where Kids Drive. It's full of diggers and dump trucks and the like. Family days are so fun. Now back to work! (whip cracking here) :) Me too!

    1. Dozer Day sounds fun too! I wonder if there is anything like that around us.

    2. Here's the website Dozerday(dot)org. It's put on by a foundation that supports children's charities. It was just packed! So much fun for kids AND adults.


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