Thursday, June 19, 2014

Clark's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Clark's birthday on Monday.  He wanted a "cars" birthday.

He was a little excited about his birthday this year.  He's been eagerly anticipating its arrival since February.  When he came out of his room first thing and he saw the balloon and his special place setting I heard him whisper, "It's my birthday!"  He was excited to have a bagel for breakfast.

After breakfast he played outside for a little while and then watched an episode of "Chuck and Friends"  Then we loaded up the van and picked up Aunt Cathy and the cousins and headed to a local park to play.

After we went to the park we came home and fixed lunch.  Clark wanted leftover mac and cheese and everyone else had ham sandwiches.  After lunch they made scenes with stickers from the movie Cars.  Then I read a couple books to Clark and everyone went to their rooms for quiet time.  During quiet time I decorated Clark's cookie cake.  After quiet time Clark wanted to watch the movie Cars.  Daddy and Clark went to get pizza for supper and then we had cake and presents.  Clark was so excited about all of his gifts.  I really enjoy this age when the anticipation for a present is high and the excitement is catching and the joy upon the gift received is fun to watch.  Grammy came over with Riley (dog) and brought Clark a present too.  After her visit, when she was leaving he told her thank you for the present all by himself.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Slow Pace

We've been taking it easy since school got out.  The week that we finished school I ended up sick.  So we I took about 10 days of just doing the necessities of the day.  Now, we've been doing our regular chores, playing, reading books, snuggling with little kids, keeping up with Clark and Quinn or watching a little TV.  We're doing the summer reading program through our library, so we go to the library at least once a week.  I've also been trying to tackle one other cleaning area each day that is either in desperate need of my attention or is something that doesn't get done often during the school year.  Staying home, checking my garden and not running around to different activities has been refreshing.  I like the slow pace.