Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Story of Our New House, Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 you may wish to do so before continuing with Part 2.

We thought the easy part was over.  We sold our current house, we were renting it back from the new owners and we thought we had a closing date on our new house.

We were still trusting God, but it seemed like everything had fallen into place.  One week before we were supposed to close we were getting mortgage paperwork finalized and had our walk through of our new house.  Our builder said we needed to call and make an appointment time for our closing, so Jeff proceeded to call and try to get that set up right away.  We found out that we couldn't set the time until all the paperwork was turned in and processed, we turned in everything that we could, but had to wait on two documents that were coming through the mail to us.  We got them and sent them in.  Then they said we have everything, but we need one more piece of paperwork from the USDA and that usually takes 2-7 days to process.  That meant that maybe we would close when we planned and maybe not.

We contacted our realtor, he contacted the new owners of our home, and they were going to graciously let us rent our house for one more week if we needed to.  Our original closing date passed and so did the next day with out anymore word on when we would be able to close.  We knew there was a reason, why we didn't close when we were expecting to, but we didn't know why, we just chose to trust God.  The Saturday that we had many people lined up to help us move came and we had let everyone know that we appreciated their willingness to help, but they could have the day to do something else fun as we weren't going to need them that day.  That Saturday morning the guy Jeff had been working with through the mortgage company called and said, we got the paperwork in last night and you will be able to close on Monday.  We will let you know what time as soon as we can.  Thank you God!!  That was a relief just to be able to have a few more details.  They called us later and told us what time and we were able to arrange childcare, while we were closing.

On Monday, we went to closing.  It took about 45 minutes and we had the document that would let us pick up our keys for our new home.  We were praising God on the way home as we now could begin moving into our new home.

Jeff picked up the keys and we went back to our old home and decided to take a load of stuff over with us when we went to see our new home for the first time that day.  Then we had some friends call and ask if we had closed and they wanted to help us begin moving that night if we wanted them to help.  Of course we said "YES!".  So they came over and brought their trailer and helped begin moving things.  They brought our beds/mattresses over, so we spent our first night in our new house right away.  We were going to be painting the boys and girls rooms, so Jeff's Mom and Jeff worked on getting the rooms ready to paint right away that evening.

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  1. What colors are you painting the bedrooms?

    Whoa. Wait a minute. Did you say boys? As in plural boys? Is that significant, or did you just type it that way?

  2. Blue and Pink.
    I just typed it that way, if we have more boys I'm sure they will share.

  3. Aw, man. I thought I was getting a hint. :-)

  4. Nope! I can't hint. We don't know what the next baby is yet.


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