Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why Do Kids Seem to be Out to Get You?

Why is it that any normal day things are always the same? - Children bickering, diapers needing changing, babies wanting to get up in the morning, nursing on a fairly regular schedule, school, chores being completed in a timely manner, breakfast, etc.

Then on the day Mommy finishes her quiet time and decides to get a good start on the day just a little earlier, everyone acts out or up and everything that Mommy usually does is way behind.  -Children fighting and arguing, diapers needing changing more than once, babies wanting to get up earlier than usual, older kids who are supposed to be working on their chores are bothering the baby who was contentedly laying in his bed and when they leave he starts crying and thinks he should eat again, some children don't finish their chores by the designated time, cereal and milk are spilled all over the floor, etc.

Now the bell has rung to start school and I haven't had breakfast, I'm running on overload, not ready to start and haven't even started my morning responsibilities yet.  I did manage to make the bed and put the mail in the mailbox before all this started.

Maybe we can set time back and start over?  Then I won't try to get anything done just a little earlier and maybe the morning would be normal.  Or maybe this is going to be the new normal?  Maybe I should have skipped writing here, but I was using it as an outlet to decompress and hopefully reboot my brain at least.


  1. Ah... the joys of motherhood. :)


  2. Thank you for all the e-mails and comments. Ya'll are encouraging.

  3. :-) I hope your day improved! Tomorrow, get up late. Haha


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