Friday, May 1, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 17 - Master Bathroom

This week's challenge was the master bathroom.  I don't have a before picture this week.  Jeff knew that this was in the plans for the week and he was going to clean the bathtub on Tuesday evening.  On Tuesday, after dinner I went for a walk and when I came home it was quiet in the house.  It was almost bedtime, so I thought maybe everyone was getting ready for bed, but they were all in the bathroom cleaning it.  I have a wonderful family!

Jeff and Kids cleaning the bathroom.

Clean bathroom

On Friday, I wiped down the baseboards and straightened the linen closet.  I tossed a few things we haven't used in the giveaway box.  I reorganized our "medicine cabinet" into a hopefully more usable system for us to find what we need and trashed anything that was expired.  I'm going to need the basket that I previously used for medicines as a laundry basket for one of the twins.  I like the stackable baskets we bought several years ago and am glad that we bought several more than we needed at the time for our laundry, because that style is no longer available.  Now when we need one we replace one of the stackable ones with a new basket and use the stackable one for laundry.

linen closet before
Linen closet after
revised "medicine cabinet"
I didn't get to the cabinets under the sink.  I think for the most part they just need a little straightening.

Next week we are taking a half-time for our week 18 cleaning.  Jump over to Michele's blog to see what that means.


  1. Love that sweet family of yours. How blessed you are Suanna! Thanks for linking up and enjoy your break!

    1. Michele, thanks. God has definitely blessed me. I will hopefully get a few projects finished on my break.


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