Thursday, May 21, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 19 - Bedrooms 1 & 2

Last week in cleaning I was able to get the guest room mostly ready for company.  Katy helped me a little bit and Jeff and Clark dusted, vacuumed, and stripped the dusty sheets from the bed.  There are still a few things for me to put away or find homes for, but it could have company at a moments notice now.  We just have to keep it that way.  The girls had been wanting to get Legos out to play with and the condition we have for playing Legos is that your room must be all cleaned up.  They worked really hard are were able to play with Legos several times over the last week.  They also rearranged the toddler bed and some of the other things in their room when they were cleaning.  All the kids upstairs changed their sheets, too.  I went in to help Felicity with some clean laundry in her room and cleaned out all her winter stuff, so she can more easily put her clean clothes in their drawer.

The challenge for week 20 is Bedrooms 3+.  I really need to finish my bedroom and the girls need me to finish going through their clothes and make sure they have what they need for the rest of the summer.  I also need to work in Quinn's room and continue getting it ready for the twins.


  1. Sounds like you are doing a great job moving forward! So excited about TWINS!! Yes, maybe slightly jealous too. ;) Thanks for linking up Suanna!

    1. Every little bit of cleaning done now, saves trouble from after they arrive. We are excited about twins too.


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