Sunday, March 20, 2011


Felicity loves dolls.  Doll, Doll, Doll she'll point out.  She even calls stuffed animals, pictures of people or animals and people and animals on TV "doll".  She even called a little boy at Wal-mart the other day "doll".  A couple of days ago she saw a stuffed cat sitting on my bed and she wanted the "doll", so I let her have it.  She snuggled it and played with it, then all of a sudden she started looking at it and worriedly saying "Doll, where doll?".  Then I realized that she had the cat with the tail facing her.  I helped her turn the cat around and she was relieved to see "doll".  I've been able to figure out that she calls eyes "doll".  At least now we have an idea that she might be looking at eyes and not a doll when she starts talking about "doll".


  1. Doll eyes! I guess you'll have your teaching challenges as Felicity learns the difference between eyes and dolls.


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