Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun at the Circus!

We had a lot of fun last evening.  We got coupons for $5 tickets if we attended a 4:30 show.  The savings was great and we never would have gone if we had to pay full price.  Jeff and I had never been to a circus before, so it was something new for us.  The kids enjoyed it, too.  Kent wasn't sure he wanted to see any clowns. Kent says his favorite part was: Alex the clown, in one of his parts he kept popping balloons that he was supposed to give to an audience helper.  Kent also liked the parade they did with animals, performers and trainers.  Katy says her favorite part was every part and the clown popping balloons.  Kaomi says "My favorite part is the clowns.  I like the circus, too.  And the train." (we let all the kids go on a kiddie train ride).  Felicity took several short naps, she appeared to like the circus tent's roof the best it was dark blue with white stars.  I thought the elephants were cool and the contortionist was kind of weird to watch, he put himself into a small box.  Of course we had to sample Circus Popcorn and Cotton Candy.  Beware: the popcorn is very salty (they make it that way so you'll have to buy their drinks, too).


  1. I have never been to a circus either. However our circus was at home our children were the preformers we had clowns, acrobats, and Ring Masters (ring leaders) glad you all had fun. PA

  2. We've never been to a circus, either, but I'm hoping we can next time they are in town. (Maybe we'll get a great discount like you!) Glad you had fun!


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