Wednesday, September 28, 2011

To My Children

You win.  I have nothing left for you.

Over the last couple of months, you've beat me up and wrung me out.
Now you've thrown me in the street for you to continue running over me.

I don't have anything more for you.  I've prayed for you.  I've prayed for me.  I've fought with you.  I've refused to fight with you.  I've tried to help you learn.  I've tried to help you understand.  I've asked God to help you and to give me patience.  I've cried.  I've fought with you, more.  I've cried, more.  I have nothing left to fight for you anymore.

You constantly grumble, complain, fight, argue, scream, get a bad attitude, throw a fit, cry, are constantly asking for more, are impatient, don't wait, are selfish, disobedient, and more.

You expect me to wash your laundry, cook your food, shop for groceries, teach you school, clean the house, play with you, read to you, teach you about life, change your diapers, wash the dishes, pay the bills, take you places, and more.

You've taken so much from me that I can't do the simple things, anymore.

I can't think straight, much less fight for you anymore.  You've taken it all.  I have nothing left.

It's not just one of you, everyone is involved (except maybe Clark).

GOD, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?  I'm reading your word.  I'm trying to obey your word.  Why am I so unable to continue in this fight?  Is there something else you want, too?

Part 2


  1. Oh, girl... We all have these days.
    It's a hard job, raising littles.
    Just remember, you don't have to be perfect. Leave the perfect to God and just concentrate on the two most important things. Love God, Love People.
    I figure that I could spend a lifetime just trying to do those two things.
    Let some stuff go un-done today and go blow bubbles outside with the kids. Then, take a bit of time tonight to unwind. It's okay.
    Hey, we've all been there. Frustrated, tired, defeated, aggravated... Ahem. Yeah... I know.
    Many hugs to you today. Hoping for a better and brighter tomorrow.
    Now, Go Eat CHOCOLATE. (at least that's my cure. ;))

  2. oh boy, do I know how this feels too!


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