Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank You Practice

This week as a kick off to Thanksgiving Day we have been having thank you practice as part of our school lessons.  On Monday, everyone had to think of someone they were thankful for and why, then they wrote that person a thank you letter and we put it in the mail.  On Tuesday,  everyone had to think of something they we thankful for and then they made a "I am thankful for..." paper, which they mailed to someone to share the things they were thankful for.  Today they had to make a paper thanking God for somethings that he has given us or let us have.  They've had a lot of fun thinking of different things to be thankful for, working on their papers and putting them in the mail.


  1. I got my letter from Katy, tell her Thank You from Uncle Tim! I miss you all =)

  2. One of them was for a couple in our Bible Study group and Kaomi was thanking them for having us for food and milk. We often have potlucks at their home and Kaomi has them wrapped around her fingers.


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