Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today our Library had a special event with critter woman.  I was thinking how fun, she'll have a rabbit, rat, frog, etc.  The first critter she pulled out to show us was a King Snake.  One of our adult Library friends is terrified of snakes and she just about fell off her chair trying to get back.  Then she kept covering her baby's eyes cause she didn't want him to start liking snakes.  Did you know that king snakes eat other snakes including venomous snakes?  She had a dragon (some kind of lizard) from Australia.  She also had a African hedgehog type animal, a box turtle, a young African beetle that was the size of her finger and she said it was only half-grown.  She then let a tarantula crawl all over her hands and my kids all started backing up.  Then she pulled out her prize, a 5 year old yellow Burmese python about 8 ft. long.  She said they grow to be 18-20 ft. long as an adult.  It was yellow because it has a disease that doesn't let it be the normal browns and greens (I think it might be an albino, though she didn't use that term.).  It was quite an interesting program and she gave a lot of information about the animals she had with her.  Since we had a small group at the library all the kids were given a chance to touch all the animals.  The only animal Kent touched was the box turtle.  Katy touched the box turtle and the python.  And the only animal Kaomi touched was the python and I think she liked it.

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  1. Wow. I don't know that I'd want to be in an enclosed room while those animals were being displayed. You're brave.


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