Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lizards, Spiders, Birds, and Ants

My home is being overtaken.  There are ants in my bathroom and spiders all over the house.  There are little lizards (baby Texas banded Geckos), between the living room and our bathrom.  I've seen at least 3.  Maybe they eat the spiders and ants, but I still don't want them in the house.  Lastly, there was a baby mockingbird in our garage yesterday morning.  I heard the chirping squawk of the bird, when I went out to get an ice block for Jeff's lunchbox.  I couldn't find it and thought it must have been outside the door.  When I went outside a little later I heard it again and it was definitely coming from inside the garage.  We found it in the corner by the door and observed the mama bird outside looking for her baby.  She couldn't seem to find her baby, so later I helped it out of the corner and into the shade by the edge of the garage door.  It went away, so I hope the baby bird and mama were reunited and can live happily ever after.

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  1. I can handle ants even though I don't like to, but geckos and birds are NOT my style. I bet your kids LOVE the lizards though, huh?


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