Thursday, August 12, 2010


     On Thursdays, Kent will be attending a science class via the CIM Science Program.  It looks like it will be fun for him.  Today was orientation.

So on Thursdays Katy will be having her double day of school.  We started at our regular time and she was done with everything, except story time which she and Kent do together, by 10:45 am.  Kaomi was also able to complete her stuff and watch a signing time DVD, since Katy was finished and wouldn't be distracted.

Our plan is to have Kent go with Jeff to work on Thursday mornings and I will send work that he can do for his school, before science class.  Since Jeff teaches Physical Science for the CIM science program, he takes Kent to his class then I will pick him up or we will make arrangements for him to get a ride home.
Then Kent will complete his school for the day in the afternoon.  

P.S. CIM stands for Creationists In the Making.

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  1. What age group does Jeff teach? Kent must LOVE that classroom time with his daddy!


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