Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Katy's Reading Review

Today I did a reading review with Katy.  She just finished learning about consonant blends.  Katy liked reading the little stories I wrote for her so much that she wanted to read them to Jeff tonight.  After her bath, she perched herself on a kitchen chair and read them to Daddy.  I enjoyed listening to her as she narrated almost every sentence before she read it.  It went something like this..."Bill and Jill fell off the bus.  Something bad happened, but I didn't read that part yet...Bill will help Jill.  I like Bill he is a nice guy...Oh, I remember this part it is about...This story is about Jeff, I can't call you that, but I can when I read the story...Oh, this is a fun story...etc.

I know she loves her lessons when she wants to share them with Daddy.
Tomorrow we will start learning about consonant digraphs.

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