Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Joy and Answered Prayer

I am still working on "Counting it All Joy".  Each day I write the things I am counting joy on my white board, then I erase and start over again the next day.  Some  of the "joys" repeat themselves and others are "new" every day.

Here are today's "joys".

Extra snuggles and play with Felicity:  I needed to be making supper because Jeff had a meeting tonight, but all the other kids were busy on something and couldn't help watch Felicity and keep her out of trouble, so I got to spend that time with her.  We had fun.  Then when Katy was done with what she was doing I was able to ask her to help.

Phone call about car:  our car is for sale and someone called who may be interested in it, they would like to schedule a time to get a chance to look at it.  We don't have that time scheduled yet, but phone calls about it are good.

Jeff helping grate cheese:  since I didn't get supper started early, Jeff helped out by grating cheese to help me get it ready a little bit sooner, so he could get to his meeting.

Kent's math went better today:  Kent has been struggling just a little with his math, but today we started a new related concept and he did much better, his errors were due to lack of paying attention to what he was supposed to be doing.

Disobedience:  not my favorite activity, but gives opportunity for teaching and training Godly children for the future.

Counter Offer Accepted on our house:  just what it says.

As the title mentioned I have an answer to something I've been praying about for a few months.
I have been praying that our current home would sell at just the perfect time.  I prayed that if it sold right away we would have a great place to stay for a few months and I've prayed that if it didn't sell shortly after we put it on the market that we would be able to rent it back or stay in it for a few days until we could move into our new home.  We are closing on our current home one week before we close on our new home (answered prayer).  The buyers of our home are willing to lease it back to us for a couple of days until we can close and move out (another answered prayer).


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