Monday, September 5, 2011

Breezey Labor Day!

Yesterday it started to get a little breezy and by this morning it had cooled off considerably.  After many days of 100+ degrees the cool breeze feels nice.  We have the windows open in the house and it actually feels cool.  The kids keep mentioning how they are cold (it's 76 degrees as I am writing).  We had thought about maybe taking the kids swimming this afternoon, but with the wind blowing we think they will fuss about being cold in the wind.  So instead we are just going to enjoy the cooler weather and fresh air blowing through the house.  The kids are enjoying having Daddy home for an extra day and so am I. 

Kent and I went to Walmart this morning to look for some new pants for him and I also took a few rolls of film to be developed.  They are at least 8 years old, so we'll see how well they come out.  We'll enjoy taking a trip down memory lane when we get them back.  I'm not sure why I waited so long to get them developed.

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