Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things that Make Me Smile

-Clark's (~4 months) ear to ear grins and giggles.
-Felicity's (~1 1/2) willing obedience, by getting her shoes and bringing them to me to put on her, after I had told everyone else to get their shoes on.
-Children who are having fun playing without fighting.
-Mostly completed school lessons.
-The sunshine.
-Memories of Fall Activities from my childhood.
-My husband's silly text messages.
-Finding a pretty picture puzzle at the store.
-Katy's excitement at her birthday coming up.
-Kaomi's snuggles.
-Kent's creativity in making his own swords and crowns from paper.
-Sewing projects, when I get to work on them.
-Pretty sunsets.
-Monarch butterflies migrating.
-Someone holding the door open for my crew and I when we go somewhere.
-Rock, Rock with Lissie.
-Hanging laundry outside to dry.
-Peaceful music.

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