Monday, June 11, 2012

Gardening to Lower Food Costs

Fresh produce is great.  Growing it yourself is even better.

My mom grows all the ingredients she wants to make a salad.  She and my Dad eat fresh salad from the late spring through the fall from her garden.  She only has to buy what she didn't grow if she wants to add something else to her salad.  She also grows enough green beans to last a year, cucumbers, herbs, tomatoes, onions that will keep most of the winter and several other foods that I don't remember right now.

My mom's lettuce and radishes.  Tomatoes are starting under the milk jugs.

While we were on vacation I had someone caring for my garden as needed.  When I returned home last night I was excited to see how well everything is growing.  This morning I got to pick a handful of green beans and a onion.

I need to thin several of the onions to allow for some of them to get a large bulb.  I planted them like that on purpose so we could begin eating them early.  There are so many buds on the plants, that it makes me excited to see how well our garden may do this year.

I like to freeze or preserve extra produce so I can use it in he winter.  If I grow it, I don't have to buy it.  Plus, I like to know where my produce comes from.

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  1. Your mom's garden sounds fantastic! My mom has a garden like that too. She grows a big variety of different veggies. I try to grow some in my tiny backyard too. You are right, growing your own food is great. And in our age knowing where your food comes from is important.
    Happy gardening!

  2. Isn't it fun to be gone for a little bit, and then return to see what the garden looks like? Well done on growing some of the food you'll use this year!


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