Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our School Week - Units 2-4

I didn't do a very good job of keeping up with what we have done over the past few weeks.  It's been very busy trying to figure out a new routine for school and it feels like I have 3 full time jobs, so I've been thinking up what to write in my head and even taking some pictures, but haven't taken the time to write about it.  I may continue to show a couple weeks of school at a time when we seem busier than usual.

Here is a quick summary of the last 3 weeks of school.  These are the things we have done together as a group.  Math, reading, English and other individual work has been completed as well.

We memorized Psalm 1.  Kent, Katy and Kaomi know it all.  Felicity learned most of verses 1-3 by immersion and even Clark does the motions with us and may say a word or two.

We studied about the great flood and the ice age in history and the Arctic tundra in science.  In science we also did a couple of experiments on thawing ice and freezing water.

We studied three poems by Robert Louis Stevenson.  They were "Bed in Summer," "Rain,"  and "To Any Reader."

We completed a painting project and a map project.  We were supposed to make some cave art, but we only got as far as prepping our paper and the rest of that week ending up being full and we didn't have time to do the project.

Here are the pictures I've taken for these weeks of school.

      This was our map project.  Rather than have three children make the same project, we made it a joint effort by each child completing one part of it.  Katy made the map out of play-doh.  I helped her cut the pieces out after she drew their shapes on the top of the play-doh with a toothpick.  Kent made the signs for our map and figured out where they should be placed.  Kaomi got to add water and to the map and ice to give an idea of how it may have looked during the ice age. 

     This was a project we did with the poem "To Any Reader".  We each drew a picture of what we imagined mother saw when she looked out the window.  Then I put window frames over the pictures and they are currently displayed on our wall along with the poem.

      Here we were learning about warm and cool colors.  We painted rainbows on a cool or warm background.  We were supposed to mix the colors for our rainbow, but we've done several paint mixing experiments before and I opted to just use the colors we needed this time.  When Felicity woke up from her nap and saw that we had painted she wanted to paint a rainbow, too.
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