Monday, August 12, 2013

Toddler and Preschool Boxes Day 5

These boxes are in our Thursday rotation of activities.

 Playground Set
Little People Playground Set w/ladder and swing
4 little people
little people wheelchair
beaded toy (from Jeff)
yarn rope ( a crocheted piece of yarn)
tennis ball (from Kent)
The Playground printable book ( from The Measured Mom)
*all the Little People toys we've had for several years

Cars/Traffic Set
Wooden vehicles [school bus, taxi, ambulance, fire truck, and police car] (from Target $ section)
Black paper roads (Jeff made from black construction paper)
Cars Little Golden Book (from our book collection)
Traffic, Trucks, and Cars printable books (from The Measured Mom)
Jeff made a good number of road pieces that can all fit together.  We usually only get out a few of them to be used unless someone older is helping Clark use them properly.  We also found that they work better on the hard floor and don't get bent up and wrinkled as much as when we tried to use them on the carpet.

Clark with the Cars/Traffic Set

I have several puzzles for younger ages.  I pull out 2-4 each time we do this activity.  Felicity enjoys them and Clark does okay with the simple ones.  We have magnetic puzzles, wooden peg puzzles, large floor puzzles and a few others that I get out for this activity.  If I plan to sit and do them with them I may pull out a little more challenging puzzle.  We have plenty of puzzles for the older kids that range from 24 to 1000 pieces that we get out on occasion to work on together.

The picture includes the puzzles we had out last week.

I have been finding it fun to watch and listen to Lissie and Clark's excitement over getting an activity out.   Lissie smiles and is excited to get out the activity and start playing with it right away.  Clark is the most enthusiastic.  He grins as big as he can when I say its time for an activity, then he claps his hands and says "ctivity, ctivity" and runs to the living room and waits in the spot where we usually put the activity out.  Sometimes his attention span is short and other times it is long for the activities.  It depends on the day and some of the activities that I've thought wouldn't spark much interest from him have been the ones he's spent extra time playing with.

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  1. These look like a lot of fun! My kids would love the cars/traffic set!


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