Tuesday, September 24, 2013

If You Were a Fly on the Wall Today

I'm up just after 6:30 am packing lunches, having my quiet time with God in the Psalms, checking my e-mail, correcting more of yesterday's school lessons.  Jeff, Ben, and Noah head out for their day.  It is "quiet" time in the house until 7:30.  Kent eats breakfast at 7:10.  7:25 am get Clark and Lissie dressed and started on breakfast.  7:30 - the kids start their before breakfast services and Kent has his time with me for his school assignments for the day.  8:00 - Kent begins his before breakfast services and Kaomi eats breakfast.  8:15 - Katy's time with me for her school assignments.  8:35 - Katy eats breakfast and I put Quinn in the swing.  The kids have free time and I get my breakfast.

At 9:15 the school bell rings everyone meets in the kitchen and we start with the Pledge of Allegiance, Bible time/song, and poetry.  The poem we have been studying is My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson, so we headed outside to look at our shadows and we trace around everyone's shadows on the sidewalk with chalk.  We come back inside at 9:43 and everyone tackles their mid-morning chores.  Katy finished quickly and started her individual work at 9:46.  At 9:58 Kaomi began her individual work and Kent started his at 10:00.  I got an activity box out for Lissie and Clark, then fed Quinn and listened to Kent's Independent History Study assignment.  10:25 - I checked on how individual work was going, put Quinn in the pack and play with a few toys, corrected some of the work that was waiting in my basket, and listened to Katy's Independent History Study Assignment.  10:48 - Close windows, pick-up Quinn and give Kaomi a spelling test.  10:58 - Try to get Kent to understand that I can't answer his question without seeing his problem in math.  Kaomi gets a break and Kent brings his math book.  Then I have to try to convince Kent that the question he is asking me is irrelevant to the answer he needs to find.  He doesn't need to convert meters into feet because the answer is supposed to be in meters.  I'm not sure I got though to him and I noticed he never completed that problem in math.  11:02 - I cleaned up the activity so Quinn could play on the floor.  11:08 - Kaomi worked on her reading lesson with me, Clark and Lissie are playing nicely, Quinn is in the kitchen.  I pick him up.  11:15 - I put Quinn back in the pack and play with a "new" toy and did grammar with Kaomi.  11:27 - I check on individual work and reply to a text from Mom.  11:30 - We all went back outside to to check our shadows and to trace them again.  11:45 - The kids work on their lunchtime duties, have free time, the girls help with Quinn while I make lunch, lunch time/recess, I feed Quinn, check e-mail and put Quinn in his swing again.   The kids go outside to play with the Beach activity box and water.  12:40 - I fix my lunch and enjoy the semi-silence.  I straighten up the kitchen a little and get the mail.

1:00 - Time to clean up the outside activity.  The kids start their afternoon jobs; I change Clark's wet clothes, read him a story and put him to bed.  1:15 - We start school for the afternoon in the living room.  We work on storytimes, History, History Narration, and science reading.  2:05 - We work on our science experiment.  2:25 - Lissie went for quiet time and the older kids filled out their lab forms for science.  2:35  I work on math with Kaomi.  Kent and Katy work on the last of their unfinished work for school and the corrections in the blue basket.  2:55 - I work on correcting the lessons from the day that are in my basket.  3:30 - Time for a break.  Katy and Kaomi have math homework and Kent needs to finish the corrections he was working on in math for homework.  We go outside to look at our shadows and trace them again.  Noah arrives home from school.  3:45 - The neighbor girl knocks on the door.  She needs help with some math homework.  4:00 - Lissie and Clark get up from their nap, so I start making snack.  Clark is fussing, so he gets to go back to bed.  Noah has a question about algebra.  Kaomi works more on her homework.  4:10 - I finish making snack and get Clark up again.  4:15 - I help the neighbor with her homework and hold Clark.  4:30 - Noah and Kent head outside to mow the yard.

5:00 - We stop working on homework and go outside.  Quinn is awake so I take him out with us.  5:20 - I send the neighbor girl home, feed Quinn, and most of the kids play in the backyard.  5:35 - Quinn went back into his pack and play while I tried to figure out alternative dinner plans, since I spent my dinner prep. hour on homework.  Ben arrived home from work.  I started dinner.   6:00 -Jeff arrived home and the kids worked on their evening obligations.  6:30 - Trace shadows again for the last time.  7:00 - Supper is finally ready.  7:25 - Jeff and the kids help clean up from dinner while I feed Quinn.  7:55 - I started getting Clark and Lissie ready for bed.  All the kids said goodnight and went to bed.  I prep lunches for tomorrow and Jeff kept Quinn from fussing.  8:35 pm - I sat down to feed Quinn again.  Jeff was finishing cleaning up in the kitchen and I started writing this post.  Ben took Quinn for a little while since he wasn't looking sleepy yet.

This is a fairly typical day for a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday in our home.

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  1. Wow! I bet you fall into bed...exhausted. The best part of your day....YOU ARE WITH YOUR KIDS! God bless you and your lovely family.

    1. Nancy, thank you for your kind comment. The best part of my day is being with my kids. I love them so much.

  2. I like what my mom said in an e-mail. She said, "Your days are full of...CHILDREN!"


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