Saturday, January 11, 2014

Football Helmets

Kent has a football helmet that he made out of paper plates.  It has been a source of contention lately, because Clark thinks it is cool and he wants to play with it.  Clark will go to Kent's room and take it and Kent will get mad.  They are both wrong, but trying to get Clark to leave it alone and Kent to stop getting mad at him wasn't working out very well.  I suggested that Kent should make a football helmet for Clark and maybe that would solve part of the problem.  He set to work with Clark making a helmet.  Clark was very excited and helped color the paper plates with blue and orange crayons.  He likes the Denver Broncos.  The result was a very excited Clark and now he has been wearing his helmet around the house for all kinds of play.  Clark having his own helmet hasn't stopped him from liking Kent's helmet and trying to play with it, but the incidences have greatly decreased.

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