Friday, January 10, 2014

Shelf Space

We decided to re-purpose our very useful shelf that we have had in our kitchen area.

We thought we would put all the kids on display.  That didn't work very well though since they have trouble standing still for a long time, so we continued on with the original plan.

I wanted a better school shelf for the things we use most days.  Since most of our instruction time takes place at the kitchen table or in the living room I wanted to keep everything close, but organized neatly.  My system last fall wasn't seeming to work the best for us and still look orderly.

We moved the shelf to the half wall by our kitchen table.  Then I put our school books and binders on the shelves.  The white basket holds some stickers and our camera.  Behind the door are coloring books and crayons.  The shelf above the white basket has a few cookbooks and feltboards.  The top two shelves are at the ceiling so they will probably only be used for decoration purposes.  The blue basket is where the kids put their completed lessons and after I correct them I return them to the basket for them to correct or put them in my drop-box for them to put away.  Kent and Katy each have their own space upstairs for the books that only they use and all our curriculum for the year that we aren't currently using takes up a shelf in the gameroom.
This was our first week back to school since Thanksgiving and so far this system is working well for us.

Now, I need to come up with a new resting place for our library books.  I'm thinking their new home will be in the front dining room, which is seldomly used for dining.

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  1. I'm thinking your first idea of displaying kids was awfully cute. That one needs to be enlarged and framed!
    Missy S.


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