Monday, March 31, 2014

Clark's Sayings

Clark has been saying and doing lots of fun things lately. 

On Saturday morning when I was putting something in the van to leave on an errand Clark came outside and called to me from the front porch.  "Mommy, you didn't give me a hug and a kiss."  I said wait right there and I'll give you one in a minute.  When I started back towards him to give him his hug and kiss he took off running back into the house with a silly grin.  I finally caught up to him in the living room and delivered my hugs and kisses to my giggling boy.

March 7th:
I brought our airplane activity box downstairs.  I had put some foam airplanes in it that Jeff had gotten at the store and played with a few times.  Clark was so excited about the "new" airplanes in his box that he almost couldn't get the box open.

February 28th:
I'm in the kitchen and Clark comes in from the backyard.  Standing by the door he says,  "Look at this, Mommy."  I look up and he is looking at something in his hand.  I asked, "What do you have Clarky"   He replied, "A bu-ug."  I said, "Oh!  You should take it back outside.  Bugs don't come in the house."

February 27th:

Clark came in from the backyard and shoved some dandelions in my face.  "Here's flowers for you Mommy."  As soon as a took them he ran back out the door.  He's so sweet.

A Bonus from Felicity on February 17th:
We couldn't find Felicity's backpack.  I told her again to go look for and find her backpack.  She goes in the living room and I hear her say, "It's behind Mommy's blue chair."  I said, "Well, go get it and put it away."  She says, "It's heavy."  I say, "What's in it."  Lissie says, "Nothing."  Then she walks around the corning carrying her "heavy" backpack.  Her hand was empty.  She says, "It's invisible."

I did finally find it in the van.  The older child who was sent to look for it didn't look very well.

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