Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review of K5 Learning

Over the last 6 weeks Katy and Kaomi have been using K5 Learning as a supplement to their homeschool days.  They were excited to have a free trial for this program and to get to have some computer time for school.

They began by taking a placement assessment that would put them into the program at their own levels.  I found this valuable to make sure they were working toward their full potential in the program and not working on something that was too easy for them.

They enjoyed getting to use something different to help them learn and they looked forward to their computer time each day throughout the last several weeks.  They enjoyed working through the math and reading lessons at their own pace and I liked being able to keep tabs on how much they were doing.

I liked that I could choose a lesson for them to take that corresponded with something we were learning and give it to them as an assignment that they would complete.

I found that I could put Kaomi's spelling words into the spelling program and she could work on practicing them on my computer.  Even though she enjoyed practicing her words on the computer it did not improve her spelling test scores.  We still had to have plenty of time practicing writing the words on her own for practice.

They both enjoyed practicing math facts and playing the math games on their own time as well.

I liked that I could look at reports to see what lessons they had taken and the progress they were making from where they began to where they finished at the end of their six week free trial.

You can sign up for a free trial here or check out some sample lessons here.

The girls enjoyed trying out K5 Learning, but I didn't really see what they were learning online follow through in their classwork.  Maybe I would see that more if they used the program for a longer time.

K5 Learning isn't something we will subscribe to as the cost is more than we would spend on something like this for our homeschooling family.  I see where the subscription cost might be fair to someone who wants to supplement their child's learning in a way that the parent can monitor what is being learned.

*The only thing about the teaching on the program that I didn't care for was the strategy for reading tricky words that was being taught.  It said to look at the first or last sound of the word and use the context of the rest of the words to guess what the word might be.  All the words that I saw used in the lessons about this were words that have phonics rules (e.i. cloud) and if the child is being taught phonics they wouldn't have any trouble reading them.

**K5 Learning provided us with a 6 week free trial of this program for an honest review on my blog.  If you sign up through one of the links here you will be supporting my blog financially.

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