Monday, January 19, 2015

Missions School

This past weekend we attended the missions conference at our church.  As a follow-up for the kids I thought they would have fun with a little bit of related school.  Their assignments today were to choose a country where they might be interested in going if they were to be a missionary.  They wrote a short paper about the country they chose and why they choose it and how they might be a missionary there.  Then they had to draw a simple map of the country and research and write a few facts they learned about the country of their choice.  Then they had to choose a recipe to try from that country.  Then Kent, Katy, and Kaomi got to write a letter to a missionary in the country they chose and introduce themselves and ask any questions they had about being a missionary in that country.

       So now I have a menu planned for the next few days.  Here are the foods that we will be preparing.  Tomorrow we will be heading to the grocery store to buy any ingredients we don't have on hand.  Each person has their own shopping list.  Since we already had the food that Katy chose she will get to shop for the items needed to make the Indian Fried Rice which Jeff chose.

Monday:  Quiche Lorraine - France - Katy
Tuesday:  Ham and Cheese Empanadas - Argentina - Kaomi
                French Lentil Salad - France - Felicity
Wednesday:  Chicken Nuggets - United States of America - Clark
                      Pineapple - Clark
                      Indian Fried Rice - India - Jeff
                      Poffertjes - Netherlands - Suanna

Thursday:  Spanish Chicken w/Olives - Spain - Kent
                  Green Beans


  1. How fun! I grew up in a very strong, missions minded church and missionaries were my heroes!! I love what you did to continue the learning of missionaries. This reminded me of how important it is to introduce missionaries and their stories to my children! I think we will start with Amy Charmichael. One of my very favorites!

    1. Amy Carmichael was one of the first missionary stories that I can remember hearing.


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