Friday, November 5, 2010

Date Night!

My wonderful husband took me on a dinner date last night.  He arranged babysitting and everything.  We haven't been on a date since...(I don't remember.).  He took me to an Italian Restaurant that we had never been to, but had eaten take out from several times.  The ceiling was really interesting.  It was made of lattice and beams and was really pretty above it was a fancy tiled ceiling.  The food was really good.  They messed Jeff's order up and it took longer to fix than they told us, so they gave us our whole meal for free.  That means that he should be able to take me on another date soon since he didn't have to buy me dinner.  Thanks, Jeff for the night out.

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  1. I read this to Jeremy, and we both laughed at the second date part! We're glad you guys got a date night. Jeremy says to tell Jeff "Hello" and he misses him.


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