Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mystery Lunch

Kent's reading program suggested having a mystery meal as part of the kick-off for the new genre he started today.  So for lunch the kids got to choose what they wanted to eat from their menu.  I served them a 3 course meal which they did not get the interpretation of the food they were ordering.

The menu consisted of:
Course 1 (they got to choose 2):
Blueballs (frozen blueberries)
Yellow Smoothie (peach yogurt)
Shovel (spoon)
Clear Quencher (water)

Katy and Kent choose Blueballs and Yellow Smoothies.  Katy ate her yogurt with her fingers and Kent drank his.  Kaomi chose a shovel and clear quencher.  She was sad because she didn't get anything to eat (so I gave her a couple of blueberries).

Course 2 (they got to choose 2):
Brown Bubbles (pinto beans)
Rows of Ears (corn)
Refreshing Squeeze (Caprisun drink)
Pointy Peaks (fork)

Kent and Kaomi both chose Pointy Peaks and Brown Bubbles.  Katy chose Brown Bubbles and Refreshing Squeeze.

Course 3 (they got to choose 3):
Everyday Pie (1/2 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich)
Puppy in the Sun ( hot dog and mustard)
Steaming Surprise (Chicken Noodle Soup)
Shallow Bowl (spoon)
Seasonal Flavor (Apple Cider)

Kent and Katy both chose Everyday Pie (Katy was disappointed).  They all chose Seasonal Flavor and were thrilled.  Kaomi chose Steamy Surprise which I served in a cup (she drank the broth and left the noodles).  Puppy in the Sun was everyone's favorite though, they talked about it for awhile.

They had a lot of fun and I had fun serving them.


  1. how fun and creative of you. I'm sure your children are learning so much.

  2. Howdy from Houston. So glad to find your blog. I pulled my daughter from school in November and love homeschooling. I am now following your blog.

    Have a blessed day.

  3. I think I'll copy you. I know Liberty would LOVE this. Not sure how much impact it would have on Mercy.

  4. Very fun! Thanks so much for sharing a link at my blog today. Makes me smile.


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