Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days

We've enjoyed having Jeff home for a couple extra days this week, because of the snow.  The kids have had Daddy help them with school and enjoyed playing with him and listening to him play his guitar.  Today we had several 10-15 minute blackouts in our electricity.  I'm glad they weren't much longer, as the house started to get cold quickly.  The sun was nice and warm when it was shining through our living room window.  We are expecting another day of pretty cold weather tomorrow and hopefully the electric will stay on for us.  Ken't CIM science class is canceled for tomorrow, as the roads are still very icy and most schools in the area will have another day of no classes.

4 ft. tall drift

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  1. Jeremy actually got to stay home too! Can you believe it? Also, your comment about the tinker toys and the trains made me laugh so hard! :-)


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