Thursday, February 3, 2011

Counting My Blessings

This week:

Jeff was the only one who got sick.
It snowed.
We didn't lose our electric for more than 15 min. at a time when it was so cold yesterday.
We got to spend extra time together as a family (surprise vacation).
I talked to my mom in the middle of school one day, because Jeff was here.
I might be out of milk and almost out of bread, but we have plenty of other food in the house.
The sun was shining in our living room window and making it warm yesterday.
We had a sparrow come and eat some bread crumbs that I tossed out back, I hope he comes back with some friends.
We were all done with school today before lunch.
We handmade valentines this afternoon.
Right now the house is a mess and I don't care.


  1. Love that the sparrow is eating your bread crumbs... :)
    I'm on the lookout for Robins.


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