Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, Wind, Snow

Today it snowed and was very cold for Texas.  There is lots of ice, Jeff decided to stay home and not chance driving to work.  The temperatures with the wind chill factor were below zero degrees.  I didn't want to go out in the wind.  These pictures are from our front window.

We have snow drifts in the front yard and over the sidewalk and driveway.  Jeff said there is also a drift about 4 feet high by the side fence.  The pictures of the lights are the solar lights along our front walk and the light beams were really cool looking on the snow.  Tonight the foretasted wind chill factor temperatures are -15 degrees.


  1. Fun times! We're having a blizzard right now. Is it very strange to have a for sale sign in your yard? It was strange for me every time I saw ours.

  2. Snow in Texas? I didn't know that ever happened!

  3. Missy and Cheryl thanks for your comments.
    We do get snow sometimes, but it doesn't usually stay around very long and its only once or twice a year. It doesn't usually get this cold, I think we may have broken some records.

    I think I'm slightly getting used to the for sale sign. It used to make me do a double take every time I went by a front window to see what was out there.


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