Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Activities

I wanted to post this yesterday, but I was having computer trouble. 

Yesterday the kids had an exciting leprechaun search which they continued into today.  We had a paper leprechaun that we kept hiding around the living room and whoever found it got to hide it for the next person to find.  We also had a St. Patrick's day coloring sheet that we could only use greens to color.  I set out various colors of green markers, colored pencils and crayons.  After they finished coloring they got to use a green wash of food coloring and water to paint the rest of the paper green and when the paper had dried they got to use thee different colors of glitter glue to embellish their artwork.
We also made sure to have something green with every meal: green sprinkles in their cereal, green spinach in their lunch, and lime zest on their desert at supper.


  1. YEAH Fun Mom - makes me smile big time hearing of the fun memories made in your home for St. Patrick's Day! Awe-some! Blessings to you!

  2. Fun! I, on the other hand, forgot it was St. Patty's Day. Bad Mom. ;-)


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