Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrate Spring!

Today we took the day off from our regular school lessons to focus on celebrating spring.

We read some books about spring (Storytime).

Looked for signs of spring on the drive to the library.

We went on a signs of spring hunt outside in the yard (Science).
      I gave each of the kids a Ziploc bag and they got to collect some of the signs of spring to put in their bag.

The kids brought their signs of spring in and then drew pictures of at least three of the things they collected (Art and Science).
       The things they drew were new leaves, dandelions, dandelion seeds, green grass, jungle weeds (a weed we have here, I don't know its real name), Grape Lupine, and fresh tilled dirt.

Then they played outside enjoying the spring day.

We continued our spring celebration in the afternoon with a flower craft for the girls and a piriate craft for Kent.

Then we had another springtime bird house craft they got to complete (More Art).


  1. Very cool We focused on Spring too today... seems to be the day for it!!! :) We got a huge snow storm here two days ago - not looking to 'Spring-like" out there!! Stopping to smell "Spring" flowers -


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