Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Anniversary 2011

Our 8th anniversary was Monday.  This year we got a new house for our anniversary.  Jeff took me out to dinner for a wonderful evening on Sunday, as we knew that we might be kind of busy on Monday.

So this is what we were doing Monday evening:
First load of stuff for new house!

Kaomi helping keep and eye on Felicity in new house!

Jeff and Kent taking first boxes into our new house.
I guess I didn't get any pictures of Katy that day, I think she was busy exploring upstairs.  This was the first time the kids have been in the house where they were allowed to look around on their own.  We hung new, fun shower curtains in all the bathrooms, had Sonic for dinner on the floor in the kitchen and Jeff and his Mom began getting Kent's and the girls rooms ready to paint.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on your new home too! How very exciting!

  2. Congratulations on your new home and another anniversary;) I"m visiting from Raising Arrows and enjoyed reading about your family. I also am a homeschooling Christian mom of 4 and liked reading about your day.


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