Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Story of Our New House, Part 3

This is the story of God's plan for our family and getting our new house read Part 1 and Part 2 if you wish to.

So we started moving into our new house on Monday night.  On Tuesday I ran over to the old house to do laundry and get a little bit of stuff that I could fit in my car.  Including food that didn't need to be kept cold and didn't need to be cooked in a stove.  We had bought our own new appliances and the ones that came with the house we had sold to the appliance company.  The only thing was that with the closing date change our appliance delivery date had to change too.  They couldn't bring us our new appliances and pick up the old ones until Friday.  It wasn't a big deal, it just meant I had to think about what we were going to eat and use the old house if I needed to cook something.

On Tuesday afternoon I was working on unpacking a little bit and Jeff's Mom came over to begin painting.  Jeff came home early from work and helped paint and got a couple more loads of stuff from the old house in his truck.  Jeff had made arrangements to stay home from work on Wednesday morning and his brother was planning on coming and helping move the fridge, freezer, washing machine and dryer, but his brother had hurt his back and wasn't going to be able to help that day after all.  So Jeff and his Mom worked on finishing up the painting and then he stayed home for the rest of the day to move whatever he could move by himself.  By Wednesday night or Thursday morning both Jeff and I were beginning to wonder how we were going to get everything moved by Saturday, which was when we needed to turn the keys over to the new owners and be out of the old house.

We knew that many of the people who had planned on helping us move originally weren't available to help on the Saturday that we would be trying to move.  Thursday morning while Jeff was at work he was getting ready to send an e-mail to the friends who helped us move on Monday night and see if they were free to help us again, but he stopped and decided to pray.  He said he decided that we've been trusting God this whole time, why should we stop now.  A little later he sent a text to the same friends to see if we could borrow their trailer or if he could help for a little while that evening.  God worked it out that we could borrow their trailer and they were available to help.  Then Jeff contacted another friend who lives close by to see if he could come around the same time and help move some heavier furniture.  The friends who had the trailer also contacted some other friends from our Bible Study Group and they showed up to help us move and clean, too.  We moved a lot of stuff on Thursday night.  Thanks God for providing for our needs again. 

On Friday Kaomi and Katy weren't feeling that well, so I didn't get over to the old house to work on bringing anything over during the day.  Friday night Jeff and his Dad were going to hook up the appliances and almost everyone who came on Thursday night came over again and helped hook up appliances, assemble furniture, and unpack several boxes.  Thanks again, God.  On Saturday several of Jeff's siblings and his Mom were able to come help finish packing, moving, and cleaning the best they could as we had the electricity shut off on Friday.  Thanks everyone for helping.  God is so good.  He knew exactly how much help we needed and when we would need it so we could be moved out on time.  Now we know why our closing was delayed.  It was so we could have a whole week to move and trust God even more.  Jeff finished loading up the last load just before 6:00 on Saturday, just in time to hand over the keys to our old house.

Lessons Learned:  Trust God completely, He know what is best.  Pack like you are going on vacation, then live in a hotel while you hire someone to pack your house.  As much packing as we tried to do ahead of time, their was still much to do, come moving day.

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  1. HAHAHA! "Pack like you are going on vacation, then live in a hotel while you hire someone to pack your house."

    I love it! :-D


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