Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Ride

We sold our car last week.  I really hated to have to get rid of it, but we really needed something a little bigger.  I could have fit one more car seat into our Mazda CX-9, for a total of 5 car/booster seats.  The main problem was that their wasn't much space to put groceries in, much less to take a trip of any length.  Not that we are planning any trips right now, since our baby is due this month.  So now I have a "new to us" truck.  It is a GMC Yukon and it will fit 5 car/booster seats just fine, with one seat to spare.  It also has a nice large area behind that seats for me to put my groceries, stroller and anything else I might want to put back there.  It's a little different to drive.  Isn't any new vehicle?  I'm sure I will adjust quickly.  It's a little different having to climb into the middle seat to fasten Felicity's seat belt.  She thinks its fun for me to get in next to her.


  1. What color is it? Did you name it yet? Is it a boy or a girl?

  2. It is "tan". It's previous name was Pete and I don't know if we will rename it or keep the same name.


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