Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Some of the things I really enjoy about this season when we celebrate our Savior's birth are the decorations.  I like the cheerful colored lights, the pine trees, ornaments, knick knacks, stockings and nativity scenes.  I like the atmosphere, the tree decorating, the Christmas music playing through the house, hanging up stockings, bells ringing and Christmas Caroling.

This year our decorations are kind of on the slow side.  We got the tree up and the lights on it right after Thanksgiving.  We finally decorated the tree, but it only has decorations halfway up, as far as Kent and Katy could reach.  I have no idea where our Christmas star is located, either.  This week I finally got the tree skirt where it belongs and the Little People Nativity Set out for the kids to enjoy.  The stockings are sitting on top of the entertainment center.  I haven't found anywhere for the to hang yet.  I made a stocking for Clark this year and hung it on the Christmas Tree to help fill the void, but it doesn't really look like it belongs there.

Jeff and I set up my New England village houses on Friday night and I was able to set out some Christmas candles and other snowmen decorations.  Jeff put some wooden pine trees on top if the fridge.

Under the tree is the Nativity and our Christmas books.  This year we are attempting to read one Christmas story everyday up to Christmas.  The books we have read are under the tree and the books we haven't read are in my room set aside where I can easily pick the one to read that day.  I also gave each of the Kids a coloring/activity book about the birth of Jesus that we will work on together to complete the pages.


  1. I have my tree up and that is all. Ha. I have no energy. Maybe soon. Maybe not. I may just leave it at the tree this year. :)

  2. Will you please email me a list of the Christmas books you have. I've been wanting to start doing that, too, but we have only two Christmas books.


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