Monday, December 5, 2011

Enjoying the Snow

This morning we woke up to a small amount of snow.  There wasn't much on the ground, just on the rooftops and cars.  I had an appointment first thing this morning and had asked Jeff if he could stay home with the kids until I returned.  I enjoyed getting in my snow covered car, using the wipers to move the snow from my windshield and driving down the street with snow on my hood.  It felt Chrismas-like.
We live on the top of a hill, so it was interesting when I got to the bottom of the hill to see the cars that had almost no snow on them and then when I got out on the main road and most of the oncoming traffic didn't have any snow at all on their cars.  There was even a small amount of snow still an my hood when I returned home a little later.  Snow is fun!

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  1. Hey. I wanted snow. You should share.


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