Saturday, November 3, 2012

In School this Week...

Monday:  We were able to go to the Library this week.  They had one of our local policemen there talking about bullying.  He did a good job.  Kaomi did a great job reading new words with the ck consonant blend.  Kent and Katy worked well on their school, as well.

Tuesday:  Jeff got the kids started on school while I was at my mid-wife appointment.  He had Kent fold ALL the laundry, which I saw when I returned home and I realized I hadn't told him how much should be folded (I washed 3 loads on Monday and they were all in the basket.)  They usually only have to fold 1 load.  We worked on all our together work after lunch.  Kent and Katy began working on new books for reading.  The genre they are reading is fantasy.  Kent is reading the first section of The Pilgrim's Progress and Katy is reading The Littles.  This is the last reading genre we plan to work on before Christmas.  After supper we worked on making corrections, so we wouldn't have to work on that tomorrow.

Wednesday:  We didn't do any bookwork today.  We were making sure to have everything ready for our Halloween Ministry event.  I did give some long overdue piano lessons to Kent and Katy.

Thursday:  After cleaning up trash outside from our Halloween Ministry event we began our morning with history.  We read about Marion and the tower he built to defeat a British fort and George Rodgers Clark and the march he and his men took to take over a British fort and stop Indian attacks in the middle of winter.  Then each of the kids got to build their own tower with Legos.  After building towers we moved on to individual work.

Friday:  We explored leaves for science today.  We looked at artificial and real leaves with magnifying glasses.  Kent and Katy had to look for differences in them.  We also got to look at a piece of leaf through our microscope.  Uncle Sean and Aunt Rebekah gave us a microscope a couple years ago and this was our first time to use it.  Kent was excited to be able to see the stomates in the leaf section under the microscope.  We also talked about tree trunks and the different layers in the trunk.  Then we looked at an old log that we had in our backyard and tried to count the rings.  There were about 30 rings.  I may have missed a few when counting as the cut end wasn't cut quite even and it was sometimes hard to tell if there was a ring or just a bump from being cut.  Then everyone had a diagram of a log to label the parts.  They each got to choose their diagram from three that I had found online.  Katy and Felicity choose one to color.  Kent choose an actual picture of a cross-section of a tree and Kaomi choose a digital rendering of a cross-section.  We also completed our regularly scheduled lessons as well.  Kaomi worked on reading a story from Pa and Mimi about Miff and the Chip Munk.  Katy chose not to get her school finished so she will be doing homework on Saturday.

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