Saturday, October 27, 2012

In School this Week...

Monday:  Katy decided she was going to have a bad day while she was doing her chores after breakfast.  Therefore, costing everyone their trip to the library, since she didn't start her school work until late morning.  Kaomi had fun reading new short-vowel words with double consonants at the end of them.  She also made a picture to show the Smiling Pool from our new story, The Adventures of Grandfather Frog.  Kent worked hard on all his individual work to get it done in the morning.  Kent, Kaomi and Felicity got to play outside after lunch until it started to rain.  We read some more in Stuart Little for storytime and read our history all together.  Katy was back on track after working on school after lunch and both she and Kent were done by 2:30-3:00.

Tuesday:  We worked hard to get as much done in the morning.  In the afternoon some friends came over to craft and play.  We made harvest placemats.  We used the same stamps we used in our fall craft last year.  This time we just stamped them on 8.5 X 11 computer paper and laminated them.  I intended to take a picture while everyone was stamping, but forgot to.

Wednesday:  We were supposed to go to church, but Clark has had a fever and the other kids all have snotty noses so we stayed home.  We worked on Thursday's history, caught up on Tuesday's health, Kent and Katy worked on English lessons and then they were to choose one or two things from their individual work from Thursday to complete.  Kaomi worked on reading a story that Mimi sent her.

Thursday:  Today is a lighter day.  Kent and Katy worked on completing their individual work.  We had an early lunch and worked on things everyone needed to do with Mommy

Friday:  We finished reading John Audubon for science and Stuart Little for storytime.  Everyone worked on their individual work as well.


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