Friday, February 14, 2014

Felicity's 4th Birthday

Felicity turned 4 yesterday.
Special Place Setting

 Felicity had a pony theme for her 4th birthday.  She had a pony cup and napkin at her place of honor.  She had waffles with blueberry syrup for breakfast.  The kids all worked on a craft where they colored and scene and then added My Little Pony stickers into it.  For lunch we had grilled cheese and root beer.  In the afternoon, Mr. Senseman came over to wish her a happy birthday and brought her a card and some cupcakes.  The kids all gave him birthday pictures and when Jeff came home from work Felicity took a present over to him.  It was his birthday, too.  He turned 80.  Then we went outside to play.  They rode their ponies.
 For dinner we had chicken nugets with srawberries and salad.  I made Felicity's plate extra special.
 Then Grammy and Riley (the dog) came over.  We sang happy birthday and then she opened her presents.
Happy 4th birthday, Felicity!

 Lissie's last present was to follow a trail of glow sticks.  They led her upstairs to the girls room.  When she saw some of her animals in their room she was a little upset, until we explained that she got to move upstairs and this was her new bed.
Felicity on her "new" bed in the girls room.

Frozen Doll, Anna, from Grammy

Felicity's 4th birthday cake.

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