Friday, February 28, 2014

An Evening with Lissie

Tonight Jeff took Kent, Katy, Kaomi, and Clark to check in the cars for the CSB race tomorrow.  Lissie and Quinn got to stay home we me.  Lissie was a little dissapointed to not get to go, but she was also excited to stay home and do something special with Mommy.  First, we went for a short walk.  As we were walking Felicity commented on how bright the stars were and then she shouted out, "I see O Lion's belt."  She saw the constellation Orion's belt and was so excited.  It is fun to see the things that she picked up from the older kids study of the constellations in science earlier this year.  When we got home from our walk she got ready for bed and got to choose something to watch from Netflix.  While I fed Quinn she watched "Clifford".  When the tv was off it was almost time for bed, so we snuggled and I read her some library books that she wanted me to read to her.  Then I tucked her into bed and made sure she had enough stuffed animals to keep her company since the older girls weren't there.  I left her with the night light on and she was looking very sleepy.

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