Thursday, February 20, 2014

Suanna's Birthday -2014

On my birthday, Katy and Kaomi made a special place setting for me and Katy gave me some bread for me to have toast.

I picked out a special outfit for Quinn.
Kent oversaw everyone playing with playdoh and cleaned up afterwards, while I talked to my dad on the phone.

Clark made a project for me, because he wasn't allowed to go upstairs.
Kent helped with Quinn.
I read stories to everyone and played Nertz with Kent, Katy, and Kaomi during quiet time.  Then the older kids had quiet time, too.  Jeff came home early from work to surprise me.

Katy found the idea for my octopus cake in a magazine at the doctor's office.  She and Jeff banned me from the kitchen while they assembled it.

We all went for a walk around the neighborhood and Jeff surprised me by taking us all out to dinner at Miguelitos.

When we came home everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and then gave me presents that they had picked out with Jeff at the store and made by themselves.

Here is my octopus cupcake.

They made me feel special all day long.

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