Monday, April 21, 2014

Kent's 10th Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Kent's birthday.  He is now 10.  He likes Ford mustangs, so we thought we would use that as his theme this year.

We started the weekend Friday night with a campfire and s'mores.
 Saturday was Kent's actual birthday.  He had waffles for breakfast.
Kent's 10th special place setting.

Happy 10th Birthday, Kent!
After breakfast Jeff, Kent and Kaomi went to help with a shift cooking briskets for their Christian Service Brigade fundraiser.  On their way home they stopped to visit at Dad-Dad and Grammy's house.  Kent was excited about the gift from their family.

Kent's gift from Dad-Dad and Grammy.

While they were gone the rest of us went grocery shopping and when we came out there was a mustang parked next to us.

Happy Birthday, Kent!  We found a mustang.
We ordered pizza for lunch and then we took Kent to a local Ford dealer so he could look at a real mustang.  It is Mustang's 50th anniversary, so the dealer gave Kent a poster of mustangs from every year.  He also got a book about the newest mustang available.

After we returned home Kent played an x-box game that he wanted to play.  After a supper of hambergers and watermelon we sang happy birthday, ate cake, and let him open his presents.

Kent's mustang cake.

He was excited to get his first pocket knife.

We wrapped up Saturday evening with hugs and kisses and going to bed a little bit later than usual.

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