Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Awana Night

Kent and Katy were invited to go to bring a friend night at Awana on Sunday.  Their cousins invited them and they were able to go.  They had a lot of fun at the Awana program and spending a little bit of time playing with their cousins afterward.  They have been so excited since then.  We have an Awana program at our church though we haven't been able to be involved in it, as we have had other commitments at the time it meets.  Maybe one day they will get to be involved in it and I am sure that they will love it.


  1. AWANA was and is one of my favorite things. Want to sing a Julie Andrews song with me?

  2. Missy, Of course I want to sing with you. That's some of the fun. I think I'll watch that movie this weekend.


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