Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quiet Time

Today, during quiet time I got to sit on my bed with Felicity.  She sat reclined next to me playing with a toy and my hand, while I read a book.  I was savoring the moment as I know that she will soon want to be too mobile to stay on the bed next to me.  She is eight months old today.  I love my bundle of happiness.

Then I heard a loud crash and Kaomi started crying.  I had to put Felicity back in her bed.  The girls are supposed to be in their beds, resting, during quiet time.  The crash I heard was Kaomi's shopping cart and she hit her head on the play refrigerator.  When I was able to find out why she was in the shopping cart (that isn't supposed to have children in it) I had to hide my laugh.  I guess she and Katy were going to North America.  I'm not sure, but I think the shopping cart was the boat :)  If so it must have sprung a leak and sank.

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