Monday, October 4, 2010

Play Day

Today, we took a day off from our regular school schedule.  It was a fun relaxing day.  Katy and Kent slept in until around 8.  Kaomi and I kept extra quiet for them.  We leisurely did our chores.  Ate breakfast around 9 and went to the library for story-time.  Then we had a picnic in the backyard and went to a local park for the kids to play on the playground.  We walked down to a pond at the park and watched the dragonflies and saw some baby fish (they were about the size of guppies).  Then we went and got Jeff and took him with us for ice cream at Beth Marie's.  When we got home the kids all played quietly.  I wish I had taken the camera.  There would have been some great shots of our play.

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